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CANEA help organizations to increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing Consulting Services, Training and IT-solutions. It specializes in Integrated Management Systems, Business Process Management, Project Management, Process Excellence and Strategy. Its first release came in 1999. CANEA Framework is a flagship product from CANEA Consulting Group, Swedan. Having more than 100 global customers in all verticals which includes companies within a multitude of industries, ranging in size from small to multinationals.

CANEA Framework

A fully integrated enterprise management system suite with support for Control, Execution and Monitoring of daily work in management systems, business processes and projects!

  • CANEA Framework is the foundation for a process and project oriented management system which is a support for all employees in their daily work.
  • Improved collaboration opportunities both internally and externally.
  • Clarifies responsibilities and priorities and helps in decision making.
  • Creates a better strategic overview of business processes, KPI´s, projects and other business information.

CANEA Framework Product Suite:

  • Canea Docpoint (Document Management)
  • Canea Improof (Workflow Management)
  • Canea Projects (Project & Portfolio Management)
  • Canea Process (Process Management)

Application Area:

  • Management Systems
  • Document control
  • Process modeling
  • Agreement Management
  • Deviations Management
  • Claims Management
  • Case/Workflow Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Improvements
  • 8D-processes
  • Incident Management
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time Reporting
  • Communication

Why choose CANEA Framework?

Comprehensive and integrated solution suite

  • Includes core QMS+BPM+PPM functionality in ONE scalable solution

Innovative, mobile and social features

Modern technology - it is very easy to set up and maintain - Time to value

  • Modern technology - it is very easy to set up and maintain - Time to value

Great flexibility in the configuration

Easy to use even for non-frequent users - High usability

  • Intuitive interfaces developed with non-frequent users in mind

Powerful designer functionality

  • High flexibility to fulfill customer requirements and to support any project model or process

Modern architecture

  • Constructed with a light-weight, Microsoft based and modern architecture which guarantees a more future-proof solution, better performance and increased integration capabilities


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